• How can I get involved?

    Thanks for wanting to know more about becoming involved in the ministries at Shepherd!. You can either join a group, or volunteer to help or serve in someway. If you are here, then God has put a calling into your heart and has a plan for you.  Thank you for responding to the call of the Father who loves you!
     Who needs help? I answer, "who doesn't?"
      Review the listed ministries and you will see each ministry has a lead contact person associated with it.  You can click on the link and visit a page that will share information on that ministry or group. Please call the leader of the group directly.  If you are not satisfied with a response within a week, please contact Joyce Marks, Director of Ministries and Volunteers at 541-664-1050x7 or joyce@shepherdcatholic.com

  • Stewardship is a way of life!