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  • A church in crisis

    Book study starting Tuesday, February 7th, 7 p.m. in the church hall. It will be every Tuesday.  Buy your new or used book soon, by Ralph Martin, hard copy or Kindle, online  in the link above. We will not providing them ourselves.  JOIN Terry and Joyce Marks in this enlighting book study which  looks realistically at our Catholic Church and the problem she faces today, in light of the cultural and social issues, attacks and ideologies we face, but also the hope we have and the plan forward as devoted Catholics and your role in that.
    See the in depth Youtube  interview with Ralph Martin to get a preview of this book and what kind of discussions you have to look forward to in this book study, watch this

    If you have any questions, contact Terry Marks at 541-210-3840. 

  • On-Line Free College Classes for Faith formation

    Now you can get certified from Franciscan University in Catholic, high quality, interesting, relevant classes in formation and ministries and earn a certificate within a field of ministry! This subscription is paid for this year by our Archidocese and Shepherd is budgeting for it next year so we can have formed disciples, trained volunteeers and parishioners who desire to love and deepen their relationship with Jesus and want to pass on the faith to others! Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity today and become a life long learner in Christ who asks us to be ready to share the the reason for our joy!


    This bible study is low pressure, you don't have to know much to get a lot out of this study!!  You aren't pressured to share, but can if you feel moved to. You read scripture and answer the questions during the week.  Bring your notebook and answers with you, listen in and expect to be move with the Holy Spirit in fellowship and community with your small group. Bring your mask, and expect social distancing:)

    7:00 P.M.-8:30 P.M.
    Matthew Module


  •  Para clases en español

     Para clases en español,  hay durante Domingo el primero domingo en "A Familia de Fe.",  o reuniones de los Guadalupanos. 



    Emmaus Bible Study is a scripture study group that focuses on the upcoming weekend's mass readings only.  It is the perfect group to join if you are intimidated by Bible studies or if you want to get more out of Mass, the perfect prayer.  
    They meet Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. in the Parish Hall.  Contact Terry Marks @ 541-210-3840 and he will email you the scripture reflection packet they discuss from. Bring your bible, pen and mask. 



    This Book study is for women who want to fellowship with women in meaningful confidential conversation, while stretching their understanding of spritual matters as they seek to stregthen their relationship with Christ.  They currently are meeting in one of the women's homes.  Contact Patricia Huffman at 541-840-5825 for  current information.