Pastoral Care

We offer Funeral Services for Catholics and will do what we can to help friends and families of deceased loved ones to experience the love of God and His Church. In addition to funerals we can often offer receptions in the parish hall. Since the details are a bit complex, please call the parish office for details and arrangements. We also advise that you contact us before the funeral parlor so that you can save duplication of services and better plan knowing the options available. A list of funeral readings are provided at this link: Catholic Funeral Readings Options

Homebound Visits:
If you are unable to come to church we want the church to come to you. To arrange someone to pray and bring communion to you or your loved one, simply call the church office at 541-664-1050 and ask to speak with Joyce Marks. She will be happy to arrange someone to visit you. If you need a priest to offer the sacrament of the sick or to hear a confession just let Joyce know and a priest will come visit as well.

“I Need Prayer”:
If you are in need of prayer or you want to have a loved one placed on the prayer chain, simply call the parish office at 541-664-1050 or email us at churchoffice with the extension We’ve got a group of committed parishioners ready to offer prayer for you and your intentions.

“I need to talk”
Depending on someone’s needs they may want to talk to someone with a question or concern. An easy way to find the best person to talk to is to call the parish office and Jenny will help you to find the right person to address your needs.

“I need to talk to a priest”
If you just need to talk with a priest call the parish office and leave a message. Fr. Ben or Fr. Arjie will get back to you as soon as they are able to. If you wish to e-mail either of them you can do so by adding btapia (Fr. Ben Tapia) or agarcia (Fr. Arjie Garcia) to the extension

“I need financial or another type of help”
We do what we can to respond to community needs through charitable giving and our own St. Vincent de Paul group. We give to several organizations and try to also do what we can for those areas that aren’t served by the community organizations. Call the parish office for more information.