Children’s Religious Education

Passing the faith down to the next generation? You Bet!

We take our job seriously in helping you form your children in the reality of the faith. Let’s work together to help our youth know the Lord.

Children’s Religious Education is from 9:45 – 10:45 am – Sundays

2018-2019 Registration Form for Religious Education
2018-2019 Religious Education Calendar

Kinder – 1st grade is held in the Children’s Liturgy Room in the New Church
2nd grade: Hall, classroom #2
3rd grade: Matthew module
4th grade: Hall, classroom #3
5th grade: Mark module
Childcare for Parents in Adult Formation during children’s catechism: John module
Adult Formation during children’s Religious Ed: Hall, Classroom #8

Middle School Youth Group is in the Luke Modular Classroom.  For more information see the “Youth” tab or contact Kelsie Whaley, Coordinator of Youth Ministry.

Sacramental Prep Information:
First Communion and First Reconciliation have additional once a month gatherings on Tuesdays. See Sacramental Preparation Calendar below for details.

If your child is in their second year of Sacramental Prep formation and will be making their first Reconciliation and Communion this year, you will still be involved in weekly catechism classes. Your additional Sacramental Prep class for you and your child will begin on Tuesday, October 9th at 6:30 p.m. in the hall. You also have to register for the Sac. Prep program in addition to Sunday Religious Education

2018-2019 Registration Form for Sacramental Preparation
2018-2019 Sacramental Preparation Calendar

Expectations and responsibilities:
Parents are expected to have their children at class on time. Late comers disrupt the class and is disrespectful to the teacher and classmates.
Please pick your child up at the classroom to ensure your child’s safety.
Parents are expected to volunteer in their child’s class two times though out the year. The reason is so you will get to know what they are experiencing, meet their friends and teacher and show your child his/her class is important enough for you to support.
If your child is ill or cannot make it to class, please email or call their teacher. If there are challenges in your home that may be affecting your child, we would be glad to help or support your family if we knew, so please communicate with us so we can.
Families are expected to attend mass regularly.
Commit to adult formation to better prepare yourself for your faith journey as well your child’s.

Adult classes are part of our Religious Education Program!!!
I am proud of our commitment here at Shepherd of the Valley, where our parents walk the talk of faith. Our parents attend a 40 min. class while their children are in class.  We believe as followers of Christ, our conversion and discipleship grows and deepens with fellowship and learning and we are role models for our children. We take this seriously as primary educators of the faith to our children. This class is open to the whole parish as an opportunity of catechesis and growth. Invite a family member or friend!

When: 9:45-10:45 a.m. on Sundays between the masses
Where: In the church hall

If you have any questions please call Director of Ministries Joyce Marks at 541-664-1050 x107 or email

We are always looking for good and motivated help. Call the parish office or e-mail if you feel you might be called to this ministry.


Also, were you aware that we have Catholic Schools in the area? Both schools also have a Middle School component. Here are some links for more information:
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