Please take a moment to read about what tithing in and why it matters. What we invest into God and His Kingdom makes a difference on many levels. The Brochure can be found here: Tithing Brochure
Por favor, toma un momento leer algo acerca de coresponsibilidad y por qué es importante por muchas razones. Puedes encontrar el folleto aquí: Coresponsibilidad Folleto

Regular Offertory Envelopes:

Every registered parishioner will receive offertory envelopes by mail. This helps us to record your donation amounts for tax purposes. In January or early February you will receive a statement for tax purposes as the yearly amount is keyed to your envelope number.

Automatic Bank Withdrawals:

There are a few ways to do automatic withdrawals. Banks can issue checks directly or the parish can request authorization from the bank. This is a convenient way to be regular with giving and also enables us to record your donations for tax purposes similar to envelope offerings. To sign up, call Liz at the parish office and she will help you through the process.

Automatic Credit or Debit Card Withdrawals:

We now accept all credit cards and debit cards. If you wish to use them to do an automatic withdrawal, simply print out the form below, fill it out, and return it to Liz Leahy at the front office.

Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Form

Giving through the Online donation/payment page:

Our Online Parish Giving options use secure and encrypted https connections and are run through Vanco Services. For convenience you are now able to contribute church offerings using your credit card of choice. Simply follow the instructions from one of the links below:

1. Create your Online Profile from the secure website links below.

2. Log in by your ID and Password.

3. Follow the instructions from the page. The links are below:

Link for Regular Parish Offering: